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You might like to know:

Since the 1970's Connecticut has operated several regional CVBs across the state, whose collective purpose has been to provide organizations the personalized planning expertise and the regional resources needed to conduct events that are worthy of attendees' highest praise.

In mid-2012, we revolutionized the way Connecticut markets to meeting and sports planners by consolidating our CVBs to form one centralized convention and sports bureau representing both the northern and southern portions of the state.

The CTCSB is now the official sales and marketing organization for the meetings and sports markets statewide.

Why the big change?

It's a strategy that makes sense given the way people are doing business. With advanced research and planning technologies, large geographies have become logistically "smaller," which means the entirety of Connecticut has opened up in a very big way!

This is a huge advantage because it means a click of the mouse can open the doors to resources and venues that just a few years ago may have been invisible to the average planning effort.

All of this is about the kind of forward thinking that helps our small state loom large on the northeastern landscape and is in keeping with the idea that Connecticut is: Still Revolutionary!