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Business success in the modern era practically revolves around great networking. CTCSB membership allows you to take full advantage, putting the power of connections to work for you -

The CTCSB serves as the primary liaison between professional planners and our membership

We support and advocate where the opportunities for our network are the greatest. Membership, in turn, supports our mission to market Connecticut as an attractive destination for regional and national-level meetings and sports events.

Amplify your presence

Your listing on the CTCSB website, distributed communications, networking and much more - altogether, it's a way for your businesses to gain exposure to audiences that might otherwise be too costly to pursue - extending out infinitely - to wherever our meetings and conventions are coming from.

When you're a member, you're at the top of your game!

Leads, profile updates, social networking, linking, promotion - all the stuff you'd like to be doing, all in one place. 

Networking is the bottom line

Tap into the benefits of being connected through a network that is front-and-center with your audience. Very few investments can deliver such a range of opportunities coupled with industry focus that is as cost-effective as CTCSB membership.

Responsiveness • Opportunity • Growth

These are our membership watchwords - we're committed to close communication and fast response because it creates a more cohesive overall network. To planners, this translates to efficiency - they're more inclined to bring their business where they can leverage strong partnerships, meaning more opportunities for everyone!


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Your Membership Contact:

Susan Henrique, CMP
Director of Membership
& Convention Services 
Office: 860-882-1101
Cell: 203-209-2244