CFC Park

667 Amity Road
Bethany, CT 06524
Phone: 475-331-6118
Region: New Haven County

CFC Park is a brand new, state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sports facility located on Amity Road in Bethany. CFC Park has two indoor fields, 70 x 40 yards in size, as well as smaller goalkeeping and speed and agility areas. The 62,500 square foot arena is connected to a building with bathrooms, office space and a small lounge for parents, players and coaches to enjoy.
For the fall, spring and summer months CFC Park will have two state-of-the art 120 x 75 yard outdoor field turf soccer fields.
At CFC Park we provide a family atmosphere that has the ability to cater multiple sports and events. The facility is also open to the general public for field rental and pick up soccer games. We have rented out our fields to youth, high school, and college level teams for soccer, lacrosse, & track practices or games.

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