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Large, small and everything in between.

From the 200,000 square foot Connecticut Convention Center in the capital city of Hartford, to exhibition and ballroom spaces at casinos, major city hotels, and distinctive meeting spaces throughout the state, the ideal Connecticut meeting or sporting venue that can accomodate ten attendees to thousands is ready to host your next event.

Considering the immense range of options statewide, location and lodging needs are big factors.

Fortunately Connecticut has outstanding transportation infrastructure, so whether you're meeting in the north, south, east or west, your attendees can arrive by air or rail to within a half-hour drive of their destination.

Geographically speaking...

Learning more about the geographic face of Connecticut is a good way to determine which location or region is best for you.

Throughout Connecticut you'll find lots of that "New Englandy-feel" you'd expect.

Discover our Northern counties that feature bucolic smaller enclaves, rolling high hills and meandering river valleys that connect our major city centers.

Explore our Southern region, comprised of coastal counties along the I-95 corridor, that feature much of our popular maritime culture, as well as the bustling urban and financial districts near our southernmost, New York border. 

Greater Hartford (North)
Litchfield (North/Western)
Tolland and Windham (North/East)
New Haven County (South/Central)
Middlesex & New London (South/Eastern)
Fairfield (South)

Someone to lean on...

To assist you in your research and planning most effectively, the CTCSB offers statewide experts, as well as north and south regional experts, who can assist with planning in any individual county segment. Just click on a region above to see more.


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