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Corporate, Association, Social, Military, Education, Religious & Fraternal.

Revolutionary from the start, Connecticut has hosted many of the most historically significant meetings in the free world. From the moment Thomas Hooker's delivered his sermon at the Old State House in Hartford, which led to a formative draft of the Constitution of the United States, Connecticut became the launch point for democracy in America and the focal point of numerous landmark laws and proceedings on slavery, voting, education, integration, women's suffrage and more.

Perhaps you're also meeting to change the world.

Or not.

Board meeting? Team building? Member retreat to gather and exchange ideas? Annual celebration of your faith? Reunion of your group's original members, swapping stories for old time sake?

Connecticut has a history of supporting every kind of group imaginable - formal & sophisticated or themed & casual. And we can match your needs in great fashion, uniqueness, appropriateness of venues and recreational interests.

You can visit our Facilities section to learn more about the regions of the state and venues are available there. But be sure to give us a ring. Whatever your meeting mission we're ready for you. In fact, we were born ready!

Your Conventions and Meetings Contacts are:

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Susan Koczka, CMP 
Director of National Accounts -

Direct: 860-882-1107
Cell: 860-508-3619

 Bob Murdock

Robert Murdock
President/Director of National Accounts - Sports Marketing
Direct: 860-882-1103
Cell: 860-490-2002





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 Noreen Webb

Noreen Webb
Director of SMERF Accounts
Direct: 860-882-1108
Cell: 860-655-7776