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Regionally speaking...

Where's the ideal location for your upcoming event in Connecticut?


Large, small and everything in between.

From the 200,000 square foot CT Convention Center in Hartford, to exhibition and ballroom spaces at casinos, major city hotels and distinctive meeting spaces throughout the state, the ideal Connecticut meeting can be anywhere from 5 attendees to 10,000.

Considering the immense range of options statewide, location and lodging needs are big factors.

Fortunately Connecticut has outstanding transportation infrastructure, so whether you're meeting in the north, south, east or west, your attendees can arrive by air or rail to within a half-hour drive of your destination.


Hartford (North)

Looked at as a function of available hotel rooms, Hartford is a significant hotel territory which supports many of the state's largest conventions and exhibitions. That roughly defines a diameter distance of 13 miles from the Convention Center downtown, to Bradley International Airport, north of the city.


Litchfield (North/Western)

This is classic "New England" countryside and the area is probably best suited for smaller events. But don't be fooled into thinking it's all autumn colors, apple orchards and church steeples. Long serving as the definitive getaway for many of New York's financial elite, tourism and culture-blending in this region have resulted in a unique marriage of historic authenticity and sophisticated hospitality. Litchfield has some of the most unique meeting experiences we offer, perfect for executive and team-building retreats.


Tolland and Windham (North/East)

Between Hartford and the Rhode Island border lie Tolland and Windham counties. Tolland is where the University of Connecticut and its famed Huskies call "home" and our largest state forest (at 24,000 acres!) is located. As the state develops, several small towns and cities in these counties are seated for stardom such as Willimantic, a historic river-and-factory town that is drawing tech start-ups, artists, restaurants to its renaissance.

region_new haven

New Haven County (South/Central)

New Haven County, home to Yale University on the central Connecticut Shoreline, affords numerous distinctive meeting spaces and upwards of XX major hotels. As one of the world's greatest seats of higher learning, one can't overlook the aura of New Haven and its outlying areas as the perfect backdrop for meeting on important education, business, civic, arts & culture issues.

region_new london

Middlesex & New London (South/Eastern)

While there's much, much more to these two large counties, when people think of this area of the state, they think seafood - and casinos.

Mystic and neighboring seaside towns have embraced the 21st century with venues and facilities that honor the sophisticated requirements of modern meetings, while offering an unparalleled meetings experience with Connecticut's artfully preserved, romantic maritime past.

Casinos - Connecticut's two world-class casinos represent a huge complement of square footage with a proportional amount of on and off-property lodging. Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods boast 200,000 and 300,000 sq ft of exhibition, ballrooms and meeting space respectively, with Mohegan representing 800 rooms on-site and 600 at Foxwoods.


Fairfield (South)

Fairfield County in the southern region of the state includes the major cities of Greenwich, Stamford, Fairfield and Bridgeport.

Over the past two decades, Stamford has emerged as a city of formidable size and financial significance. It is shoulder-to-shoulder with Greenwich geographically, a smaller city that certainly needs no introduction in terms of wealth and influence.

Fairfield doesn't feature a convention-sized facility, but what it lacks in a major venue, it more than makes up with distinguished hotels and meeting places - from rustic/historic to chic/sophisticated to grand/inclusive. It is a combination of, and the best of everything "Connecticut."

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