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Long time no see?

Connecticut is the ideal location for your New England destination Reunion.

Reunions this good are few and far between.


Let's be honest, reunions are a lot more fun than people like to let on. But if you're the planner, you've got a lot more on your plate than a plane reservation and hotel. So much to think about, so much to do. Where do you start? You contact the Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau. Whether your planning a Family Reunion, College Reunion or Military Reunion, we'll find the right Connecticut location for you.

We'll show you the love.

Pulling off a reunion takes tight coordination, so we're going to be close like family. You won't believe how much easier it is when you have someone like us to lean on, and we won't charge a dime. Imagine having to do all this yourself:

  • Distribute RFP or reunion requirements to resources that would meet the group's specification 
  • Collect proposals and present you a detailed bid packet, or have proposals forwarded directly to you
  • Coordinate and facilitate site inspections
  • Assist in all areas of reunion preparation in conjunction with our Convention Services Manager
  • Recommend ways attendees can maximize free time including local attractions, recreation, shopping and dining
  • Liaison with City and State officials to obtain Special letters of welcome or assist with special permits, street closures, etc.
Your Reunion Contact is:

Noreen Webb

Noreen Webb
Director of SMERF Accounts

Direct: 860-882-1108
Cell: 860-655-7776



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