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Why Connecticut?

People. Places. Proximity. Pricing.

"P" is also for powerful. But if you really pare it down – to the advantages you gain when you plan for Connecticut – you invariably land on these four words.

People: We're in the midst of 25% of the nations' population, which means big time accessibility to and for your groups, associations and attendees.

Places: Historic, contemporary, dramatic, natural,quaint, bustling, seaside, mountainous & valley-ish. Very few places can provide as many different experiences in such a manageable footprint.

Proximity: We've always said, "What makes us small makes us huge." Getting people in, around – and then back to where they came from – puts the Connecticut value in perspective.

Pricing: It's probably no secret: Compared to our neighbors to the north and south, you'll like how much bigger your budget looks in Connecticut.

It's really that simple. 

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