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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Connecticut

We suppose it depends on whom you talk to, for most people nothing rings the bell like these all important factors:

1) 23.5 million people live within a 2 hour drive
     of Connecticut

Go just beyond that to around 6 hours and you've got 100 million people - a full quarter of the population of the U.S.! When you're talking about convenient location and maximizing attendance, Connecticut is key.

2)    Small state
    + outstanding transportation infrastructure
    = Awesome
  • Puts varied offsite options within close proximity to each other
  • Bradley International Airport (only 13 miles from Hartford) serves most of the state
  • Providence easily serves the eastern state and NYC airports are very convenient to the south
  • Amtrak and Metro North trains extensively serve the main interior and shoreline corridors
  • 3 major interstates connect all of our 8 major regions

3) Get city, country and shoreline options
     (or all three!) for your venue

It's not an overstatement. You have venue options that range from the foot of the Berkshire mountains in the northwestern region, to the pastoral hills & valleys interior, to big, cultural city centers to the beach scene along our entire eastern line.

4) Value in comparison to NYC or Boston

You can't take it away from them, they're good. But for great accessibility, a very high standard of quality and a more accomodating budget, less complication and more focus, look to Connecticut. Cost, compare, then book!

5) Variety of meeting and housing venues

No other state offers such a unique choice of meeting environments-from quaint country inns to sophisticated urban hotels, spectacular casino resorts to the newest Convention Center in the Northeast.

[BONUS!] New England charm, history and beauty

We couldn't stop at 5. We're smack-dab in the center of the nation's birthplace - that's cool!

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