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Connecticut Conventions, Meetings and Sports Events past, present & future

We can’t think of a better yardstick for our measuring our performance hosting events. Connecticut has proven to be the perfect location for these groups, to name a few. Whether the deciding factor is accessibility, affordability or activities for attendees, on average 30% of these events have returned multiple times to enjoy the many facets of Connecticut:


  • USA Volleyball- NERVA 
  • American Athletic Conference 
  • North American Handmade Bicycle 
  • United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) 
  • Stitches United                     
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity                           
  • Snow & Ice Show
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 
  • Air & Waste Management Association 
  • National Association of the Deaf
  • USA BMX 
  • ConnectiCon 
  • National Association of Postal Supervisors 
  • Association of Science & Technology Centers
  • Northeast States Signs Association 
  • Alliance for Nonprofit Management 
  • American Planning Association 
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 
  • North American Association of Christians in Social Work
  • Northeast Association of College & University Housing Officials 
  • Eversource Hartford Marathon Foundation 
  • Irish Dance Teachers Association of New England 
  • National Association for Campus Activities 
  • USA Boxing NERVA
  • National Ninja League 
  • US Pony Clubs 
  • Northeast Greek Leadership 
  • National Council on Public History 
  • USA Hockey 
  • Spirit Festival              
  • NCAA Men's Basketball Division 1 - 1st & 2nd Round Championships 
  • Association of College & University Printers 
  • Continental Chess 
  • National Association of Campus Card Users 
  • National Baptist Convention 
  • Pokémon International 
  • Henkel Corporation 
  • New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners
  • Professional Golf Association 
  • Travelers Open Golf Championship
  • Cryogenic Engineering Conference 
  • Amateur Softball Association/ USA Softball 
  • Mary Kay, Inc. 
  • International Association of Black Professional Firefighters 
  • Garden Club of America 



Your Convention, Meetings & Sports Events contacts are:


     Susan Koczka cropped

Susan Koczka 
Director of National Accounts:

Direct: 860-882-1107
Cell: 860-508-3619 

Bob Murdock

Bob Murdock
Director of National Accounts:
   Affinity Markets

Direct: 860-882-1103
Cell: 860-490-2002

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