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Housing Services

Looking for double, triple, even quadruple-digit accommodations? Let our automated housing services take the pressure off and put the "wow" factor in! You'll rest easier knowing your customized housing website can handle any number of guests you put in our hotel.

Just decide on your lodging and the CTCSB does the rest:
      • Customizes and launches your online housing website
      • Consolidates hotel contracts for your signature
      • Maintains and monitors housing from pre to post-event
      • Refers the collected reservations to the hotels
      • Continually runs booking reports and suggests applicable updates

        Added Benefits To Your Event...
          • Commission and/or rebates add a significant revenue opportunity (CTCSB manages the accounting and collection)
          • Collect data about your guests including their housing preferences, lengths of stay, place of origin and more
          • Collect e-mail addresses for future e-campaigns with important event information, area discounts, etc.
          • Be in the driver's seat if you want to be! As an administrator of your housing site, you control your event in real time, with reporting, monitoring and more...

          All of this is at no cost to the booking organization; it is built into the hotel room rate.

          Contact us today to find out more!

          Joanna Vanderslice
          CTCSB Online Housing Bureau
          (860) 310-5804
          Toll free (800) 868-1325


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