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Industry Partners

CTMEETINGS is dedicated to our State and Industry communities by:


Investing in strong public/private partnerships. These partnerships are the result of leveraging public dollars with private sector support in the form of membership dues, advertising and public relations, in-kind services, and corporate partnerships.


Working harmoniously with other organizations involved in marketing and promoting the State of Connecticut, enabling the State and it's immediate environment to become a regional, family oriented, arts, cultural, educational, sports and entertainment meeting destination that will create new jobs and...


Collaborating with our Connecticut communities driving economic growth with new tax revenue and jobs.

Our Connecticut Hospitality Partners include:

Our Tourism Partners

Connecticut has three regional tourism districts each marketing their unique destination offerings for leisure travelers. Visit their websites to learn more about the special attractions, events and seasonal activities in each area. 

Our Industry Partners

Our team members are active in Industry Organizations and Professional Development such as: 

There are so many business and community partners and resources in our Connecticut. Contact our staff to find out more. Let us get you connected with the resources specific to your group’s special interest, whether that's business, industry, higher-ed, medical and more!