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Promotional Materials

The CTMEETINGS can assist with Promotion & Attendance Building

Your success is our success. We offer a complete portfolio of tools and programs designed to boost attendance.

These include:  

  •  Maps and general destination information
  •  Small logoed promotional items  *(for a fee)
  • Access to our high-resolution photo library
  • Customized landing page and link on destination website *(based on size of group)
  • Destination video
  • Destination representative to promote next year's meeting *(based on size of group)
  • Destination materials to promote next year's meeting
  • Political/ Community Liaison
  • Welcome letter/ appearance from government/local officials
  • Local contacts: political, education, industry
  • Connections for social responsibility projects *(based on size of group)
  • Promotion on our Social Media feeds *(based on size of group)
  • Press Releases/ Public relations *(based on size of group)


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