To All Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau Members,

We thank each of you for your dedication to our state's Hospitality and Meetings industry as we continue to work together to secure new and return meetings and sports events for our state and to ensure that their attendees enjoy great experiences here.

We understand that the past months have presented extreme challenges to the hospitality and events industry. It is important you know that the CTCSB team considers YOU to be ESSENTIAL WORKERS - essential to the professional and safe delivery of services and experiences for the public, and essential to your local and the State's economies. You have shown the world that we are moving forward safely and responsibly to bring group business back to Connecticut.

Since the onset of the coronavirus, the CTCSB staff has spoken with many of you as we continue to promote our state as a prime meeting and events destination for event planners and sports organizers. One of these key sales tools is our Bureau's new reimagined website. This comprehensive meetings destination website is visually more pleasing for event planners, features a simpler layout and easy navigation for meeting planners, search engine optimization, and video capability. We have been promoting the website digitally to planners, especially in the drive markets of New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Albany, and Boston, since groups from these are more likely to meet regionally.

To enhance your visibility, make sure your listings on our website are updated with account contacts, COVID reopening services, current images and information and, if you haven't done so already, submit a virtual tour of your property or services that we can upload to our site. Please also take advantage of our virtual Partner meetings. Our September 23rd meeting featured speakers from Trip Advisor and the Connecticut Office of Tourism (view recording at 

Let us know how we can help you on the road to recovery.

Click here for CTCSB Staff contacts.

   Bob Murdock, President